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[Recipients of LFK Dissertation Award]

LFK Dissertation Award

1. To commemorate the contributions of the late Professor Li Fang-Kuei in the areas of Chinese historical phonology and Sino-Tibetan language studies, the Li Fang-Kuei Society for Chinese Linguistics (hereafter, LFKS) has established the LFK Dissertation Award.

2. Scholars who receive their doctoral degree in any place in the recent three years are eligible to apply for the LFK Dissertation Award. The dissertation must be related to either Chinese historical phonology or Sino-Tibetan language studies.

3. Competitions are held annually. Interested participants should email the following to the LFKS (dissertation@lfksociety.org) by March 1 of every year :
(a) The doctoral dissertation (with a 2000-word Chinese or English abstract)
(b) Copy of the doctoral degree certificate
(c) Detailed CV, including names of two referees. (No recommendation letters are required. The LFKS may choose to consult the referees at its discretion.)

4. One to two awards may be given a year. Each awardee will receive US $1,000.

5. All submissions are to be reviewed by specialists invited by the LFKS and the final selections are to be decided on by members of the Executive Committee.Selection results will be announced in the LFKS website and the Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics at the end of the following year. Awards will be given out at the same time. 。

6. The procedures and criteria of the award are decided and revised by the Executive Committee of LFKS.

[Recipients of LFK Dissertation Award / 李方桂學會‧博士論文獎得獎者]


一、 紀念李方桂先生中國語言學研究學會(以下簡稱“本會”)為紀念李方桂先生在漢語歷史音韻及漢藏語研究等兩方面的貢獻,特地設立「李方桂學會博士論文獎」(以下簡稱“本獎”),並訂定本獎辦法。

二、 本獎之獎勵對象,為任何地區最近三年內獲得博士學位之學者,其博士論文需與漢語歷史音韻或漢藏語研究密切相關。

三、 本獎每年評審一次。凡有意申請者,請於每年三月一日前,備妥下列各件電子檔(pdf檔)寄達本會電郵地址 dissertation@lfksociety.org
(一) 博士論文(含二千字以內之中文或英文摘要)
(二) 博士學位證書影本
(三) 個人簡歷,以及兩位諮詢人之姓名與聯絡地址(無須推薦信。本會得視需要主動致函諮詢人。)

四、 本獎每次頒發一至二名,每名美金一千元。

五、 本獎之評審,由本會聘請專家擔任;最後由本會執行委員會投票決定。評審結果將每年年底在本會網站和《中國語言學集刊》上公佈並一次給獎。

六、 本辦法由本會執行委員會訂定,修訂時同。