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Professor Li Fang-Kuei’s scholarly work in Bulletin of Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica


Permission to carry these articles on the present web site was granted by
Professor Wang Ming-ke, current Director of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.

Paper title / 論文題目Year / 年份Volume & Page number / 期數及頁數Download / 下載
1. 廣西凌雲猺語19301.4: 419-429LINK
2. 切韻 â 的來源19313.1: 1-38LINK
3. Ancient Chinese -ung, -uk, -uong, -uok, etc. in Archaic Chinese19323.3: 375-414LINK
4. Certain Phonetic Influences of the Tibetan Prefixes upon the Root Initials19334.2: 135-157LINK
5. Archaic Chinese *-i̯wəng, *-i̯wək and *-i̯wəg19355.1: 65-74LINK
6. 武鳴土語音系194812: 293-303LINK
7. 莫話記略194819: 1-80LINK
8. 鉢掣逋考195223下: 443-446LINK
9. The Jui Dialect of Poai: Phonology195728下: 551-566LINK
10. The Jui Dialect of Po-ai and the Northern Tai195729上: 315-322LINK
11. 台語系聲母及聲調的關係196234上: 31-36LINK
12. 論開合口──古音研究之一198455.1: 1-7LINK
13. 論聲韻結合──古音研究之二198556.1: 1-4LINK